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Phish - The Oxy Years - Vol. 3

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Phish - 1999-08-01 Naeba Ski Resort, Niigata, Japan

Naeba Ski Resort
Niigata, Japan

SET 1: 
Cities >
Rift > Wilson >
The Moma Dance >
Divided Sky
Horn >
Split Open and Melt
Poor Heart
Bouncing Around the Room >
Run Like an Antelope

SET 2: 
Possum >
Tweezer ->
Mike's Song  ->
I Am Hydrogen >
Weekapaug Groove
The Wedge
The Lizards
You Enjoy Myself

Sweet Adeline
Tweezer Reprise

This show was part of the Fuji Rock Festival and took place on the Field of Heaven stage. Moma contained brief Wilson teases and Tweezer included a Velvet Sea tease. The Wedge contained a Stash tease from Trey.

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Perpetual Groove - 2017-06-01 The Georgia Theatre, Athens, GA

The Georgia Theatre, 
Athens, GA

1.Suburban Speedball 06:45
2.TSM2 11:59
3.Two Shores 11:30
4.Sun Dog 15:44
5.Robot Waltz pt.1 04:52
6.Scooter 05:12
7.Robot Waltz pt.2 07:09
8.Sweet Oblivious Antidote 09:00
9.Paper Dolls 05:43
10.Lemurs 07:02
11.Cairo 16:42
12.Praise You pt.1 02:03
13.Glock Jam 05:18
14.Praise You pt.2 01:21

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Steve Kimock And Friends - 2015-03-13 Gramercy Theater, New York City, NY

Steve Kimock And Friends
Gramercy Theater
New York City

Tribute To Jerry Garcia

 -- set 1 --
01.  Banter / Tuning
02.  Someday Baby
03.  Second That Emotion
04.  Finders Keepers
05.  They Harder They Come
06.  Mississippi Moon
07.  Mystery Train
08.  Band Intros & Toast for Bobby and Allison Vega

 -- set 2 --
09.  High-Heeled Sneakers
10.  They Love Each Other
11.  Sugaree
12.  Money Honey
13.  Expressway To Your Heart
14.  Bertha

15.  Banter / Tuning
16.  Don't Let Go >
17.  Philadelphia Mambo (Sun Sun Sun) >
18.  Don't Let Go
19.  Band Intros

Steve Kimock
Dan Lebowitz
Bobby Vega
Jeff Chimenti
Bill Vitt
John Morgan Kimock

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Grateful Dead - 1986-02-08 & 09 Henry J. Kaiser Convention Center, Oakland, CA

February 8, 1986
Henry J. Kaiser Convention Center 
Oakland, CA

Recording Info:
SBD -> Cassette Master (Sony D5/Dolby B/TDK MA-R90)

Transfer Info:
Cassette Master (Nakamichi DR-1/Dolby B) -> Sound Devices 744T (24bit/96k) ->
Samplitude Professional v11.03 -> FLAC/16
(2 Discs Audio / 2 Discs FLAC)

All Transfers and Mastering By Charlie Miller
February 12, 2010

--Set 1--
101-d1t01 - Tuning
102-d1t02 - Iko Iko
103-d1t03 - Little Red Rooster ->
104-d1t04 - Peggy-O
105-d1t05 - Beat It on Down the Line
106-d1t06 - Stagger Lee
107-d1t07 - It's All Over Now
108-d1t08 - Bertha ->
109-d1t09 - One More Saturday Night

--Set 2--
201-d2t01 - Tuning
202-d2t02 - Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo ->
203-d2t03 - Franklin's Tower ->
204-d2t04 - Playin' in the Band ->
205-d2t05 - China Doll ->
206-d2t06 - Playin' Jam ->
207-d2t07 - Drums ->
208-d2t08 - Space ->
209-d2t09 - Gimme Some Lovin' ->
210-d2t10 - Black Peter ->
211-d2t11 - Sugar Magnolia

212-d2t12 - Keep Your Day Job


February 9, 1986
Henry J. Kaiser Convention Center 
Oakland, CA

Recording Info:
SBD -> Cassette Master (Sony D5/Dolby B/TDK MA-R90)

Transfer Info:
Cassette Master (Nakamichi DR-1/Dolby B) -> Sound Devices 744T (24bit/96k) ->
Samplitude Professional v11.03 -> FLAC/16
(2 Discs Audio / 2 Discs FLAC)

All Transfers and Mastering By Charlie Miller
February 17, 2010

--Set 1--
101-d1t01 - Tuning
102-d1t02 - Jack Straw
103-d1t03 - They Love Each Other
104-d1t04 - C C Rider
105-d1t05 - Loser
106-d1t06 - Man Smart (Woman Smarter)
107-d1t07 - Deal

--Set 2--
201-d2t01 - Tuning
202-d2t02 - The Mighty Quinn (Quinn The Eskimo) ->
203-d2t03 - Samson & Delilah
204-d2t04 - He's Gone ->
205-d2t05 - Smokestack Lightnin' ->
206-d2t06 - Comes a Time ->
207-d2t07 - Drums ->
208-d2t08 - Space ->
209-d2t09 - The Other One ->
210-d2t10 - Around & Around ->
211-d2t11 - Good Lovin'

212-d2t12 - It's All Over Now, Baby Blue


Monday, September 18, 2017

Phish - 2017-07-28 "Baker's Dozen - Night 6" Madison Square Garden, NYC, NY [Matrix]

Phish - July 28, 2017
Madison Square Garden - New York, NY
Baker's Dozen Show 6 - Double Chocolate

2 Source Matrix (Official SBD + Charlie Miller AUD) 

Recording Info:
Schoeps CMC6/MK4 > Sound Devices 744T (24bit/96k) > Samplitude Pro X3 Suite > FLAC/24

Gnome Sound Converter > FLAC 16/48

Recorded and Mastered By Charlie Miller
August 13, 2017

-- Section 2 Row 1 Seat 20 with the mic stand 9 feet high
-- Chris Kuroda allowed me to set up next to him in the lighting booth

Jooge Matrix

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Spafford - 2017-09-02 - Concord Music Hall, Chicago, IL

Concord Music Hall
Chicago, IL

Set 1:
The Reprise
On Fire
All In
Minds Unchained
Salamander Song
The Postman
Slip and Squander
Electric Taco Stand
Crowd Banter

Leave The Light On
Virtual Bean Dip

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Allman Brothers Band - 2011-11-29 Orpheum Theatre, Boston MA

Orpheum Theatre, 
Boston MA - "Live at the Fillmore" replay

Disc One
1. Don't Want You No More
2. It's Not My Cross To Bear
3. I Walk On Gilded Splinters
4. Midnight Rider
5. Rockin' Horse
6. Every Hungry Woman
7. And It Stoned Me
8. Jessica

Disc Two
1. Statesboro Blues
2. Done Somebody Wrong
3. Stormy Monday
4. You Don't Love Me
5. Hot 'Lanta

Disc Three
1. In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed
2. JaMaBuBu
3. In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed - reprise
4. Crowd noise
5. Whipping Post

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Tedeschi Trucks Band - 2011-06-29 Shepherd's Bush Empire, London, UK

29th June 2011
Tedeschi Trucks Band
Shepherd's Bush Empire
London, UK

FM recording from The Paul Jones show on BBC Radio 2 broadcast 18th July 2011


01 Interview
02 Don't Let Me Slide
03 Midnight In Harlem
04 Learn How To Love
05 Until You Remember
06 That Did It
07 Love Has Something Else To Say
08 Bound For Glory

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Jerry Garcia & Legion of Mary - Garcia Live Volume 3; Northwest Tour (2013)

Boogie On Reggae Woman
The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
Freedom Jazz Dance
Mystery Train
How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)
You Can Leave Your Hat On
Neighbor, Neighbor
The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
It's No Use
Valdez in the Country
I Second That Emotion
Wondering Why

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Pearl Jam - Few Shows

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Metallica - 2017-07-14 Festival d'ete de Quebec Quebec City, Quebec

Festival d'ete de Quebec
Quebec City, QC 

01. Hardwired (3:45)
02. Atlas, Rise! (6:35)
03. For Whom The Bell Tolls (4:30)
04. Fuel (4:23)
05. The Unforgiven (7:35)
06. Now That We're Dead (10:01)
07. Moth Into Flame (6:19
08. Harvester Of Sorrow (6:09)
09. Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (6:37)
10. Kirk And Rob Doodle (5:50)
11. Whiplash (4:00)
12. Sad But True (6:14)
13. One (8:39)
14. Master Of Puppets (9:37)
15. Fade to Black (8:28)
16. Seek and Destroy (9:32)
17. Fight Fire With Fire (5:09)
18. Nothing Else Matters 96:22)
19. Enter Sandman (11:06)

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Tim Barry - High On 95 (2017)

1. Slow Down (02:51)
2. High On 95 (03:10)
3. O & Dp (03:40)
4. Riverbank (03:25)
5. Back Home (03:45)
6. Gumshoe Andy (02:38)
7. Porter St. (01:57)
8. Chelsea (01:44)
9. Running Never Tamed Me (04:09)
10. Little Eden (02:44)

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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Lotus - Drink The Light [EP] (2017)

1. For The Summertime [04:08]
2. Old Cassette [04:04]
3. Bulletproof [03:15]
4. Gimme Your Love [03:13]

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Please Seed The Torrents As Long As You Can. Please Don't Just Hit & Run.

Twiddle - 2017-07-28 "Tumble Down" Burlington's Waterfront Park, Burlington, VT

Tumble Down
Burlington's Waterfront Park
Burlington, VT

Set One*:
Nicodemus Portulay (13:50)
Beehop (13:16)
Orlando's (10:39)
Grandpa Fox (14:22)
The Fantastic Tale Of Ricky Snickle (7:44)
Beethoven And Greene (14:48)

Set Two:
White Light (11:30)
Eyes of the World** (15:34)
When It Rains It Poors** (6:59)
Subconscious Prelude*** (9:47)
Latin Tang****  (13:54)
Drifter (6:39)
Lost In The Cold***** (6:50)

* with The Giant Country Horns
** with Phil Lesh, Grahame Lesh and Elliot Peck
*** with Phil Lesh and Grahame Lesh
**** with Alex Jordan
***** with Dave Grippo

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The WERKS - 2017-08-05 "Twerkapod" Werk Out, Thornville, OH

Werk Out
Thornville, OH

1. Caress Me Down 06:29
2. Black Hole Sun 05:56
3. If You Want To Be My Lover 03:22
4. Du Hast 04:28
5. I Believe I Can Fly 05:28
6. Dont Break My Heart 05:10
7. Can't Touch This 04:26
8. Loser 04:36
9. No Diggity 06:00
10. In Bloom 04:37
11. Shine 10:45
12. You Oughta Know 08:34

Set with members of  Twiddle, Dopapod & The WERKS.

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Snarky Puppy - 2017-05-24 Kaufleuten, Zurich, Switzerland

May 24, 2017
Zurich, Switzerland

1. GØ
2. Grown Folks
3. Beep Box
4. Outlier
5. Gemini
6. Tarova
7. WAM
8. Sleeper

9. Shofukan

Only Swiss gig of the tour. By far the hottest and loudest of the whole trip. Heavy set. Bobby owns the evening. GØ kicks it off. olo from Maz on effected trumpet. Justin and Larnell get into it on the bridge. Bob takes it out. Bobby runs the whole organ on Grown Folks. Zach takes it out on distorted violin. The outro to Beep Box is swampy. Maz takes the solo. Outlier gets a solo from Bullock on tenor. He and Larnell toy with some swing. Bobby and Zach trade on a nice version of Gemini. Tarova gets a bit crushed solo from Bullock and a percussion solo from Nate. Bob goes on a tour of his pedalboard on What About Me? Larnell and Justin get into some telepathic metric modulation on the outro. Bobby takes his time on Sleeper. Shofukan gets a solo from Justin on trumpet before going Parliament at the end.

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Slightly Stoopid - New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival 2015

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Metallica - Golden Unplugged Album (1999)

James Hetfield Solo At "Later With Jooz Holland" November '97
1 Mama Said
KSJO FM Studios, San Jose, Ca. 18-12-1997
2 Low Man's Lyric
3 Helpless
4 Four Horsemen
5 Poor Twisted Me
6 Nothing Else Matters
7 Creeping Death
8 Tuesday's Gone
9 Last Caress
Rehearsal Complex, Baker Hamilton Square, SF 3-21-1998
10 Low Man's Lyric
11 Helpless
12 Last Caress
Virgin FM Studios, London, November 1997
13 Nothing Else Matters

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Vida Blue - The Illustrated Band (2003)

The Illustrated Band
You Don't Know
Little Miami (Reputation)

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Big Mean Sound Machine - The Big Mean EP (2010)

1. The Third Leg (05:05)
2. Platypus Prime (05:23)
3. Original Filth (07:12)
4. Sweazy (07:29)

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Phish - 2004-08-15 Newport State Airport, Coventry, VT

Newport State Airport
Coventry, VT

SET 1: Mike's Song > I Am Hydrogen > Weekapaug Groove, Anything But Me, Reba, Carini > Chalk Dust Torture -> Possum > Wolfman's Brother[1] > Taste

SET 2: Down with Disease[2] > Wading in the Velvet Sea[3], Glide, Split Open and Melt  -> Ghost

SET 3: Fast Enough for You, Seven Below[4] -> Simple > Piper -> Cool Jerk[5] -> Dickie Scotland[6], Wilson > Slave to the Traffic Light

ENCORE: The Curtain With[7]

[1] Explanation from Trey as to the history of the song; also features Trey's mom, Mike's mom and John Paluska on "sexy bump".
[2] Unfinished.
[3] Page and Trey break down.
[4] "Seven Below" shouted by all band members sporadically during the jam.
[5] Phish debut; lyrics changed to honor Mark "Bruno" Bradley.
[6] Debut; lyrics referenced Hadden Hipsley and Dickie Scotland
[7] Jam segment stopped and restarted in correct key.
This was the second show of the Coventry festival and was the presumed “Final Show.” When Trey made his “break-up” announcement the preceding May, he indicated that Coventry would be the final Phish shows. In reality, this turned out to be the final public show for over four and a half years. This show was simulcast in movie theaters nationwide. Before Anything But Me, Trey announced that, for the first time in 21 years, he was nervous performing a Phish show. During Wolfman’s, Trey revealed that the Wolfman’s Brother is, in fact, Fish (as well as the fact that he handed the phone to his friend Liz Durfee). Also, during Wolfman’s, Trey and Mike invited their mothers onstage (and later John Paluska) to do the “sexy bump” dance. Disease was unfinished and featured Trey briefly playing his guitar with a glow stick. Both Page and Trey broke down during an especially emotional Velvet Sea. After a thoroughly botched Glide, all four band members offered words of thanks to the fans for their continued support and dedication and brief reflections on their twenty years together. Trey then stated that what they really needed to do was “blow off some fucking steam” before starting up Melt. There was an enormous glow stick war during Ghost featuring hundreds, if not thousands, of orange glow sticks. This version of Seven Below saw all of the band members sporadically shouting “Seven Below” throughout the jam. The Phish debut of Cool Jerk contained alternate lyrics honoring monitor mixer, Mark “Bruno” Bradley. The Dickie Scotland Song was spontaneously created and included lyrics in honor of production manager, Hadden Hipsley, and tour accountant, Richard Glasgow (a.k.a. Dickie Scotland). Before Wilson, Trey asked the crowd to sing to another of their friends “for the last time.” There was a fireworks display between the end of the third set and the encore. Before the encore, while explaining the origins of The Curtain, Trey jokingly announced that the entire Chicago Symphony and the Twyla Tharp Dance Troupe were going to perform Gamehendge. Trey explained that they chose The Curtain With as the last song to bring them full circle, because, not only was it one of the first Phish songs he wrote, but he wrote it in a cabin one town over from Coventry. Trey stopped and restarted the jam segment of the Curtain With, because they were in the wrong key or, as he explained, ”Since we are going to be bringing ourselves back in time, we may as well do it in the correct key.” There was no P.A. music after the Curtain With.

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The String Cheese Incident - 2017-08-24 Lock'n Festival, Arrington, VA

Lock'n Festival
Arrington, VA

Set 1
01. Restless Wind (10:32)
02. Betray The Dark (09:03)
03. Get Tight (06:33)
04. Texas (16:54)
05. Turntable Jam (08:42)
06. Colliding (09:23)

Set 2
01. Chatter (03:45)
02. Shine (16:15)
03. Jessica (10:19)
04. My One and Only (06:30)
05. Cohesion Jam (06:06)
06. Hi Ho No Show (08:51)
06. Colorado Bluebird Sky (08:32)

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Greensky Bluegrass - 2017-08-19 Hoxeyville Music Festival , Wellston, MI

Hoxeyville Music Festival
Wellston, MI

Set 1: 
A Letter to Seymour
In Control
Can't Stop Now
Old Barns
Tied Down
Blood Sucking F(r)iends
All Four
Funky Bitch, Leap Year

Set 2: 
Past My Prime
Wheel Hoss
Fixin To Ruin1
Jumpin' Jack Flash1
Run or Die
Less than Supper
I'd Probably Kill You2
Worried About the Weather >
China Cat Sunflower>
Burn Them

Set 3: 
Bring Out Your Dead
Wings for Wheels
Just to Lie
Take Cover
Tarpology >
One Slip >
Tarpology >
One Slip >

Don't Lie

Show Notes
Fixing To Ruin & Jumping Jack Flash featuring Jay Cobb Anderson on Electric Guitar and Vocal
Less Than Supper & I’d Probably Kill You featuring Matt Rowland on Keys


Dopapod - 2017-08-11 Paddy's Beach Day, Westerly, RI

Paddy's Beach Club
Westerly, RI 

Set I: 
Present Ghosts
New James ->
Like A Ball ->
I Believe I Can Fly*

Set II: 
Bluetooth ->
Piazole >
Freight Train ->
Indian Grits%

^ Contained Live and Let Die Teases
* R. Kelly Cover
% Double time Brookline Bridge Jam

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