Sunday, May 28, 2017

Phil Lesh & Friends - 2017-05-26 Capitol Theatre, Port Chester, NY Webcast Rip


Killer lineup. One of my personal favs in sometime.

1080p .mkv - HERE!

Greensky Bluegrass - 2017-05-17 George's Majestic Lounge, Fayetteville, AR

George's Majestic Lounge
Fayetteville, AR

Set 1:
Into the Rafters
The Four
Room Without A Roof
Merely Avoiding
Worried About The Weather
Casual Wednesday
Wild Bill Jones
Last Winter in the Copper Country
Can't Stop Now

Set 2:
What's Left of the Night
Miss September
Pig in a Pen
Blood Sucking Fiends
Broke Mountain Breakdown
Walk Away
Down the Road
Broke Mountain Breakdown
Radio Blues
Run Or Die

Drink Up And Go Home

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Aqueous - 2017-04-21 Port City Music Hall, Portland, ME

They're Calling For Ya (12:34)
Kitty Chaser (Explosions) (17:33)
Second Sight (10:02)
Marty (7:26)
I Want You (She's So Heavy) (6:43)

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Spafford - 2017-04-30 Some Kind of Jam 12, Schuylkill Haven, PA

Some Kind of Jam 12
Schuylkill Haven, PA

Minds Unchained
Backdoor Funk
Leave The Light On
Electric Taco Stand >
Dis-Go-In-5? >
Electric Taco Stand
All In
It's a Bunch
Simon & Lily >
The Reprise
Galisteo Way

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Sound Tribe Sector 9 - 2017-04-27 House of Blues, Dallas, TX

House of Blues
Dallas, TX 

Who Are The People Of America? >
Rise Above, Get Loud,
20-12 >
Love Don’t Terrorize,
Sun, Moon & Stars >
Breathe In,
Click Lang Echo

Looking Back on Earth,
Worry No More >
Mischief of a Sleepwalker,
Oil & Water >
Open E,
Totem >


Mp3 [V0] - HERE!

Papadosio - 2017-04-01 Light City Baltimore, Baltimore, MD

1. Curve 18:08
2. Oblivion 07:03
3. Geoglyph 14:41
4. Vactrollio 08:53
5. Night Colors 19:45
6. Monochrome 09:49
7. Fuse 08:28

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Metallica - 2017-01-18 Beijing, China

Mp3 [V0] - HERE!

Stanton Moore - Emphasis! (On Parenthesi (2008)

01. (Late Night At The) Maple Leaf
02. (Proper) Gander
03. Wissions (of Vu)
04. (Sifting Through The) African Diaspora
05. Over (Compensatin')
06. (Smell My) Special Ingredients
07. (I Have) Super Strength
08. (Who Ate The) Layer Cake?
09. Thanks! (Again)
10. (Put On Your) Big People Shoes
11. (Here Comes) The Brown Police

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Bela Fleck & The Marcus Roberts Trio - Across The Imaginary Divide (2012)

Some Roads Lead Home
I'm Gonna Tell You This Story One More Time
Across the Imaginary Divide
Let Me Show You What To Do
One Blue Truth
Let's Go
The Sunshine and the Moonlight
That Old Thing
That Ragtime Feeling

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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Grateful Dead - Grateful Dead - Long Strange Trip: The Untold Story of the Grateful Dead (Motion Picture Soundtrack) *Bonus Disc* (2017)

01 Playing In The Band (Live at Beat-Club, Bremen, West Germany 42172) [Remastered]
02 Eyes Of The World (Live at Roosevelt Stadium, Jersey City, NJ 8674) [Remastered]
03 St. Stephen (1) [Live at Barton Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 5877] [Remastered]
04 Not Fade Away (Live at Barton Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 5877) [Remastered]
05 St. Stephen (2) [Live at Barton Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 5877] [Remastered]
06 Dark Hollow (Live at Warfield Theater, San Francisco, CA) [Remastered]
07 Stella Blue (Live at Zoo Amphitheater, Oklahoma City, OK 7581)
08 Days Between (Live at Madison Square Garden, New York, NY 101894)

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Trey Anastasio Band - 2017-05-25 The Fillmore, Philadelphia, PA

The Fillmore
Philadelphia, PA

Set 1:
Sometime After Sunset
Gotta Jibboo
Curlew's Call
Cayman Review

Set 2: 
Night Speaks to a Woman
Delta Lady
Simple Twist Up Dave
The Song
Feel It Still
49 Bye-Bye
Last Tube
Clint Eastwood
Black Dog

The Parting Glass
Heavy Things
Push On 'Til the Day

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Grateful Dead - Long Strange Trip: The Untold Story of the Grateful Dead (Motion Picture Soundtrack) [2017]

"Long Strange Trip is an unprecedented four-hour documentary about the legendary band the Grateful Dead from executive producer Martin Scorsese (Silence, The Departed), and director Amir Bar-Lev (The Tillman Story, Happy Valley). Long Strange Trip probes the creative forces, subversive ambitions, and interpersonal dynamics that drove the Grateful Dead in their 30-year career. The first biographical film authorized and supported by the band, LST includes never-before-seen archival footage (of performances, backstage, and home movies) as well as new interviews with band members and cultural critics.

The Long Strange Trip motion picture soundtrack spans the band’s career and captures many of their greatest studio recordings alongside several of their most dynamic performances. Among the live highlights are “He’s Gone,” “St. Stephen,” and the “Scarlet”>”Fire” jam from the mythic 1977 Barton Hall concert, which will be released commercially for the first time just weeks prior on May 5. Along with classic studio tracks like “Ripple” and “Touch Of Grey,” the soundtrack also features unreleased performances like the legendary “Dark Star” from February 14, 1907 at The Fillmore East in New York and the magnificent “Dear Mr. Fantasy”>”Hey Jude” jam recorded on July 2, 1989 at Sullivan Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts."

Disc One
01. Death Don’t Have No Mercy (10:31) (Live/Dead, The Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA, 3/2/1969)
02. St. Stephen (06:41) (Live/Dead, The Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA, 2/27/1969)
03. Uncle John’s Band (04:46) (Workingman’s Dead, 1970)
04. Dark Star (23:51) (The Fillmore East, New York, NY, 2/14/1970)
05. Easy Wind (05:01) (Workingman’s Dead, 1970)
06. Candyman (06:16) (American Beauty, 1970)
07. China Cat Sunflower > (05:09) (Chateau d’Herouville, Herovuville, France, 6/21/1971)
08. I Know You Rider (05:54) (Chateau d’Herouville, Herovuville, France, 6/21/1971)
09. Morning Dew (11:43) (Europe ’72, The Lyceum Theatre, London, England, 5/26/1972)

Disc Two
01. He’s Gone (08:52) (Sunshine Daydream, Veneta, OR, 8/27/1972)
02. The Music Never Stopped (05:32) (The Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA, 8/13/1975)
03. Scarlet Begonias > (09:53) (Cornell 5/8/77, Barton Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, 5/8/1977)
04. Fire On The Mountain (15:09) (Cornell 5/8/77, Barton Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, 5/8/1977)
05. Althea (08:32) (Go To Nassau, Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY, 5/16/1980)
06. Touch Of Grey (05:51) (In The Dark, 1987)
07. Dear Mr. Fantasy > (07:06) (Sullivan Stadium, Foxborough, MA, 7/2/1989)
08. Hey Jude (03:59) (Sullivan Stadium, Foxborough, MA, 7/2/1989)
09. Ripple > (04:09) (American Beauty, 1970)
10. Brokedown Palace (04:06) (American Beauty, 1970)

***Just as a heads up, I know that this new realease will be flagged very quickly. I will only repost the mp3 version one time. After it is flagged for the second time I will not be reposting it. You will have to download the FLAC torrent and convert it to mp3 yourself. So snag it the mp3 while you can.

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Friday, May 26, 2017

Phish - The Leaked SBD Tracks Project

100% SBD

119 Tracks from the 1.0 era, 1985-2000.

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Greensky Bluegrass - 2017-05-14 Greenfield Lake Amphitheater, Wilmington, NC

Greenfield Lake Amphitheater
Wilmington, NC

Set 1:
Reuben's Train
Middle Mountain Towns
Living Over
Sweet Carolina
Dustbowl Overtures
Take Cover
Tied Down
Old Barns
Leap Year

Set 1:
Fixing To Ruin
Just to Lie
Bottle Dry
Wheel Hoss
Hold On
Light Up or Leave Me Alone
Wings for Wheels
Crying Holy Unto the Lord
Merely Avoiding

Past My Prime

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Papadosio - 2017-03-12 The Majestic, Madison, WI

1....And This is What he Thought 03:42
2.Monochrome 09:32
3.Advocate of Change 07:32
4.Threes 12:10
5.Out of Hiding 08:07
6.Vactrollio 09:17
7.Euclidean Lights 09:03
8.Snorkle 15:20
9.The bionic Man Meets His Past 05:43
10.Paradigm Shift 13:42

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Sound Tribe Sector 9 - 2017-04-26 The Lyric, Oxford, MS

The Lyric
Oxford, MS

New Dawn
New Day
Ramone & Emiglio
Havona Ascent >
Squares & Cubes
Vapors >
Give & Take
To The World

Biggs >
One, Two, Three
What Is Love?
Get Loud >
Hidden Hand
Hidden Fist
Water Song

We Want The Funk

Mp3 [V0] - HERE!

Chris Robinson Brotherhood

2016-09-16 Red Rocks
2016-09-21 Boston, MA

Mp3 [V0] - HERE!

Steve Kimock Band


Mp3 [256] - HERE!

Metallica - 2017-01-11 Seoul, South Korea

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moe. - Warts & All Vols. 05 & 06

Warts & All Vol. 05 - 2005-02-22 Val Air Ballroom in Des Moines, IA (2007)
Warts & All Vol. 06 - 2007-01-28 Liberty Hall, Lawrence, KS (2008)

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Blo - Chapters and Phases: The Complete Albums 1973-1975 (2009)

"There’s a charming contemporary newspaper clipping reproduced in the sleevenotes of Chapters & Phases which bears the heading: “Blo: A Date To Blow Your Mind Off”. Whatever disquieting mental image this conjures forth, rest assured that this compilation amply answers your prayers if you’ve been craving a band capable of combining the sticky, lopsided funk of The Meters with the loose cannon edginess of Malcolm Mooney-era Can.
Ostensibly inspired by their tenure in Salt with Ginger Baker, guitarist Berkely Jones and drummer Laolu Akintobi recruited bassist Mike Odumosu and set about casually turning Nigeria on its ear. The Lagos-based Blo made their live debut on 23 December 1972, supporting Osibisa at Lagos City Stadium and, by all accounts, blowing the headliners clean through the back wall with their ballsy, wayward “Afro-delia”."

Chapter One
Time To Face The Sun
We Gonna Have A Party
Chent To Mother Earth
We Are Out Together
Miss Sagitt

Phase II
It's Gonna Be A Good Day
Native Doctor
Do It You'll Like It
Don't Take Her Away From Me
Whole Lot Of Shit

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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Trey Anastasio Band - 2003-05-27 Hammerstein Ballroom, New York, NY

Hammerstein Ballroom
New York, NY

SET 1: 
Money, Love and Change
Sweet and Dandy [1]
Undermind [2]
Sweet Dreams Melinda
The Way I Feel
Sultans of Swing

SET 2: 
Night Speaks to a Woman >
Gotta Jibboo [3]
Ether Sunday
Sand [3]


[1] TAB debut.
[2] Debut.
[3] Warren Haynes on guitar.
Warren Haynes sat in on a second guitar for “Gotta Jibboo” and “Sand.” This show featured the TAB debut of The Maytals' “Sweet and Dandy” and the debut of the Anastasio/Marshall original, “Undermind.” "Sand" contained an "Eleanor Rigby" tease.

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Greensky Bluegrass - 2017-05-13 The NorVa, Norfolk, VA

The NorVa
Norfolk, VA

Set 1:
Don't Let Your Deal Go Down
Lose My Way
Run Or Die
I'd Probably Kill You
Jesus On The Mainline
200 Miles from Montana
All Four

Set 2:
Bring Out Your Dead
White Freightliner Blues
More Of Me
Handle with Care
In Control
A Letter to Seymour
Broke Mountain Breakdown
Atlantic City


Stealin and I'd Probably Kill You featuring Joshua Davis on electric guitar and vocals.

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Widespread Panic - 2017-05-07 Sunfest, West Palm Beach, FLA

Send Your Mind (4:00)
Henry Parsons Died (5:46)
Space Wrangler (9:49)
Second Skin (14:18)
Rebirtha (9:37)
Tall Boy (6:16)
Shut Up and Drive (8:42)
Junior (6:31)
Papa's Home (10:47)
Drums (6:16)
Bust It Big (8:48)
Expiration Day (4:58)
Protein Drink (5:07)
Sewing Machine (8:25)

Mp3 [V0] - HERE!

moe. - Warts & All Vols. 03 & 04

Warts & All Vol. 03 - 1998-11-13 Vic Theater in Chicago, Illinois (2003)
Warts & All Vol. 04 - 1998-07-18 Copper Dragon, Carbondale, IL (2005)

Mp3 [V0] - HERE!

Metallica - 2017-01-03 Mexico City, Mexico

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Aqueous - Best in Show (2016)

1. Don't Do It 09:36
2. Underlyer 08:14
3. Random Company 08:05
4. Calling Out 11:51

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Various Artists - Studio One Rockers (2001)

Owned and founded by Clement "Coxsone" Dodd, Studio One's output serves as a comprehensive guide to the history of Reggae music. The music on Studio One Rockers covers all areas of Reggae such as Ska, Rocksteady, Roots and Dancehall, all areas in which Studio One led the field.

Studio One Rockers features many legendary Studio One tracks brought together for the first time by Soul Jazz Records. From the beginning of Reggae, when the Skatalites developed a new sound of Ska in 1962 up until today, Studio One has been the number one innovator in Jamaican music.

Included in this compilation are classic Ska tracks ("Phoenix City"), Rocksteady ("Feel Like Jumping"), Roots music ("Truth and Rights"), Dancehall (Freddy McGregor, Michigan and Smiley) and many more.

Featured here are many of the classic tracks from Studio One. From Dawn Penn's legendary "No, No, No" to classics such as Horace Andy's "Skylarking" and Marcia Griffith's "Feel Like Jumping".

The Coxsone Soundsystem in the early 60s was one of the three main soundsystems operating in Jamaica alongside his competitors, Prince Buster and Duke Reid. The Studio One catalogue is possibly the largest in Jamaican music and this release is the first in a series of Studio One compilations on Soul Jazz Records.

1. Sound Dimension – Real Rock
2. Marcia Griffiths – Feel Like Jumping
3. Freddy Mcgregor – Bobby Babylon
4. Horace Andy – Skylarking
5. Lennie Hibbert – Village Soul
6. Brentford All-Stars – Greedy G
7. Johnny Osbourne – Truth And Rights
8. Ernest Ranglin – Surfin
9. Michigan & Smiley – Eye Of Danger
10. Dawn Penn – No, No, No
11. The Skatalites – Phoenix City
12. Prince Jazzbo – Crabwalking
13. Jackie Mittoo – Hot Milk
14. Lone Ranger – Badder Dan Dem
15. Cedric Brooks – Ethiopia

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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Greensky Bluegrass - 2017-05-12 The Ritz, Raleigh, NC

The Ritz
Raleigh, NC

Set 1:
Burn Them
Room Without A Roof
Better Off
Train Junky
Forget Everything
Worried About The Weather

Set 2:
Past My Prime
Radio Blues
Working On A Building
One Slip
One Slip
Who Is Frederico
Through the Trees
Miss September
Don't Lie

Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You

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Umphrey's McGee - 2017-04-22 House of Blues, Dallas, TX

House of Blues
Dallas, TX 

Set One:
Goonville (2:11) >
Educated Guess (6:01)
Cemetery Walk (16:41) >
Cemetery Walk II (12:59)
Last Man Swerving (9:54) >
Slacker (12:57)
Transdermal Celebration (4:05)

Set Two:
The Floor (13:52)
Hindsight (3:27)
End of the Road (4:29)
Eat (1:34) >
Time (6:28) >
Eat (3:34)
Wappy Sprayberry (11:54) >
Partyin' Peeps (7:03)
Upward (5:57) >
In The Kitchen (17:31)

Remind Me (10:44)

Mp3 [V0] - HERE!

Sound Tribe Sector 9 - 2017-04-25 Track 29, Chattanooga, TN

Track 29
Chattanooga Tennessee

Set One:
F Word
Out of This World >>
Enceladus >>
Out of This World >>
Monkey Music
When The Dust Settles Reprise
Rise Above, Get Loud

Set Two:
Evasive Manuvers
Be Pulse
Totem >>
In Due Time Outkast Cover >>
World Go Round
From Now On
Blu Mood

Luma Daylight >>

Mp3 [V0] - HERE!

Papadosio - 2017-03-11 The Miramar Theatre, Milwaukee, WI

1.2AM 05:43
2.Hippie Babysitter 1/2 05:05
3.Mr. Turtles Cloud Kingdom 05:30
4.Hippie Babysitter 2/2 12:57
5.Oblivion 06:04
6.Each and Every Wave 06:48
7.You and Yourself 15:49
8.Anima Mundi 08:38
9.Drift 06:10
10.We Are Water 16:58
11.New Love 1/2 07:55
12.The Lack of Everything 06:42
13.New Love 2/2 04:03

Mp3 [V0] - HERE!

moe. - 2011-11-05 Fitzgerld's, Houston, TX

Houston, TX

Set 1: 
Crab Eyes,
Paper Dragon,
It >
St. Augustine >
She Sends Me >
St. Augustine >
Downward Facing Dog

Set 2: 
Kyle's Song >
Spine Of A Dog >
Spaz Medicine,
Runaway Overlude,

Seat Of My Pants

Mp3 [V0] - HERE!

The String Cheese Incident - 2005-04-07 The Big Easy Concert House, Spokane, WA

The Big Easy Concert House
Spokane, WA

Set One:
It Is What It Is
Close Your Eyes >
Sirens >
So Lonely >
Big Shoes
Dudley's Kitchen�
Lonesome Road�
Little Hands >
Steampowered Aeroplane�

Set Two:
Best Feeling >
Texas >
Way Back Home
Old Dangerfield�
When the Levee Breaks�
Out in the Woods� >
Black Clouds�

Tangled Up In Blue�

First Time Played: So Lonely (The Police cover), Tangled Up In Blue (Bob Dylan cover), When the Levee Breaks (Memphis Minnie cover), Lonesome Road (Drew Emmitt/Leftover Salmon cover), Out in the Woods (Drew Emmitt/Leftover Salmon cover)
Last Steampowered Aeroplane: 6/29/2001 - Kit Carson Park, Taos, NM [286 shows]
� with Drew Emmitt on mandolin and vocals

Mp3 [V0] - HERE!

Furthur - 2011-09-30 & 10-01,02 Red Rocks

Setlists for these shows can be found here:

Mp3 [V0] - HERE!

Various Artists - Rastafari - The Dreads Enter Babylon 1955-83 (2015)

01. Count Ossie & The Rasta family - Africa we want fe go
02. Johnny Clarke - None shall escape the Judgement
03. Laurel Aitken - Haile Selassie
04. Count Ossie & The Mystic Revelation of Rastafari - Tales of Mozambique
05. Ras Michael & The Sons of Negus - Booma yeah
06. Mutabaruka - Say
07. Bongo Herman & Jah Lloyd - African drums
08. Ashanti Roy - Hail the words of Jah
09. Count Ossie & The Mystic Revelation of Rastafari - Sam's intro
10. Bongo Herman, Les & Bunny - Salaam
11. Winston & Ansell - Zion I
12. Techniques All Stars - Zion I version
13. Lord Lebby & The Jamaican calypsonians - Ethiopia
14. Count Ossie & Leslie Butler - Soul drums
15. The Heaven singers - Rasta dreadlocks
16. Rod Taylor - His Imperial Majesty
17. Q.Q. - Betta must come
18. Earth & Stone - Jah will cut you down
19. Count Ossie & The Mystic Revelation of Rastafari - Narration
20. Ronald Downer & Count Ossie - A ju ju wa

Mp3 [V0] - HERE!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Widespread Panic - Porch Songs - Pittsburgh 1995 (1995-04-11 - Metropol, Pittsburgh, PA) (2017)

Set 1:
Weight of the World
Little Kin
Sleeping Man
Better Off
I’m Not Alone
B of D
Love Tractor

Set 2:
Ain’t Life Grand
Radio Child
Dream Song
Let’s Get Down to Business
Can’t Get High
Henry Parsons Died
Blackout Blues

Low Spark of High-Heeled Boys

Smack-dab in the middle of a massive cross-country tour (promoting the only seven months old Ain’t Life Grand), Panic’s Tuesday night stop in Pittsburgh found a super rowdy crowd raring to go. The band locked in but loose, delivering two very strong and high-energy sets.

Mp3 [V0] - HERE!

The Smiths - 1986-08-28 & 1986-12-02 - The (Unreleased) Peel Sessions & Laguna Hills, California

The Smiths
August 28, 1986 & December 2, 1986
The (Unreleased) Peel Sessions
Laguna Hills, Irvine Meadows, California 

Laguna Hills, Irvine Meadows, California
August 28, 1986
"Thank Your Lucky Stars"
Big Music (BIG 091)
From "The Queen is Dead" Tour

01 Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want
02 Still Ill
03 I Want The One I Can't Have
04 There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
05 How Soon Is Now
06 Frankly, Mr Shankly
07 Panic
08 Stretch Out And Wait
09 The Boy With The Thorn In His Side
10 Is It Really So Strange
11 Cemetary Gates
12 Never Had No One Ever
13 Rubber Ring - What She Said
14 That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore
15 Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now
16 The Queen Is Dead
17 Money Changes Everything
18 I Know It's Over

BBC Maida Vale Studio 4 
London, England, U.K. 
December 2, 1986
John Peel session #4  

19 London
20 Half A Person

FLAC & Mp3 [V0] - HERE!

Tuatara - Breaking the Ethers (1997)

01. Breaking the Ethers/Serengeti (06:26)
02. Dark State of Mind (04:02)
03. Saturday Night Church (04:27)
04. Dreamscape (04:04)
05. The Desert Sky (05:35)
06. Goodnight La Habana (04:50)
07. Smoke Rings (03:24)
08. The Getaway (05:05)
09. Eastern Star (04:21)
10. Burning the Keys (06:34)
11. Land of Apples (05:39)
12. Breaking the Ethers/Serengeti (Reprise) (01:42)

Mp3 [V0] - HERE!

Aqueous - ARTIFACT - Live Studio EP (2016)

1. Origami 11:31
2. Paranoid Android 06:36
3. Numbers and Facts 08:46
4. Strange Times 11:07
5. Complex Pt. II 11:51

Mp3 [V0] - HERE!

moe. - Warts & All Vols. 01 & 02

Warts & All Vol. 01 - 2001-02-28 Scranton Cultural Center, Scranton, PA (2001)
Warts & All Vol. 02 - 2002-02-23 The Tabernacle in Atlanta, Georgia (2002)

Mp3 [V0] - HERE!

Kashmere Stage Band - Texas Thunder Soul 1968-1974 (2006)

When you are listing to this just keep in mind that these are High School students throwin down this thickass funk.

Boss City
Burning Spear
Take Five
Super Bad
Keep Doing It
Thunder Soul
Do You Dig It, Man?
Do Your Thing (extended version)
Scorpio (extended version)
Thank You (extended version)
Al's Tune
All Praises
$$ Kash Register $$
Zero Point, Parts 1 & 2 (45 version)
Getting It Out of My System
Intro (live)
Zero Point (live)
All Praises / Zero Point (reprise) (live)
Intro (live)
Do You Dig It, Man? (live)
Don't Mean a Thing (live)
Thank You (live)
Ain't No Sunshine (live)
Do You Dig It, Man? (live)
All Praises (live)
Thank You (45 version)
Zero Point (LP version)
Do Your Thing (instrumental)
Getting It Out of My System (alternate take)

Mp3 [V0] - HERE!

Monday, May 22, 2017

[Br]eaking [Bi]scuits - 2017-05-19 Brooklyn Bowl, Brooklyn, NY Webcast Rip


Members of The Disco Biscuits & Break Science.

720p .mkv - HERE!

Greensky Bluegrass - 2017-05-11 Cox Capitol, Theatre Macon, GA

Cox Capitol Theatre
Macon, GA

Set 1:
Less Than Supper
Just to Lie
Hold On
One Way Out
While Waiting
Little Maggie
The Ghost Of Richard Manuel
The Shape I'm In

Set 2:
Merely Avoiding
Wings for Wheels
Leap Year
The Four
Take Cover
Living Over
Hit Parade Of Love
200 Miles from Montana
Ain't No Bread In The Breadbox

That's How Strong My Love Is

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Spafford - 2017-04-21 Last Exit Live, Phoenix, AZ

Set 1
All My Friends >
Bee Jam >
Midnight Rider >
Bee Jam >
Leave The Light On
Virtual Bean Dip >
Todd's Tots

Set 2
Red's Jam >
Weasel >
Palisades >
It's A Bunch
Catfish John, Walls


Mp3 [V0] - HERE!

Aqueous - 2017-04-20 Higher Ground, Burlington, VT

Higher Ground
Burlington, VT

Mosquito Valley Pt. I (12:30)
Random Company (15:21)
Origami (10:23)
Blitzkrieg Bop (1:26)
Origami (1:12)
Don't Do It (16:02)

Mp3 [V0] - HERE!