Monday, June 19, 2017

Various Artists - Baby, How Can It Be? Songs of Love, Lust and Contempt From the 1920s and 1930s (2010)

Baby, How Can It Be?
My Angeline
I Wants My Lulu
If I Had My Way
We Courted in the Rain
Poche Town
My Pretty Little Indian Napanee
Hapa Haole Hula Girl
Sweetest Girl in Town
I'm Crazy 'Bout My Baby
That's What the Old Bachelor's Made Out Of
Then I'll Be Happy
Always Marry Your Lover
Johnny, Will You Marry Me?
That's What I Call Keen
Insane Crazy Blues
Lost Lover Blues
My Four Reasons
Hard for to Love
Don't Leave Me Here
The Gal That Got Stuck on Everything She Seen Said
Tomi, Tomi - Stomp
Minnie the Mermaid (A Love Song in Fish Time)
I'd Feel Much Better
Mama You're a Mess
It's Heated
I Ain't a Bit Drunk
Shortnin' Bread
Strut That Thing
Tiptoe Through the Tulips
Wild About My Loving
There's More Pretty Girls Than One
I'm Feelin' Devilish
Let Me Play With It
If You Can't Land Her on the Old Veranda
Murphy's Wife
Queen of the South Sea Isles
How I Got My Gal
Nehi Mama Blues
Curley-Headed Woman
I'm Gonna Kill Myself
She Ain't Built That Way
How Can You Look So Good
You Gonna Look Like a Monkey When You Get Old
I'm Wearin' the Britches Now
Sweet to Mama
I Used to Call Her Baby
I Got Worry (Love Is on My Mind)
He Went in Like a Lion (But Came Out Like a Lamb)
Married Girls Troubles
Some of These Days
Who Stole de Lock?
Pretty Mama Blues
I Want to Ask the Stars
Some Cold Rainy Day
Corinna Blues
Big Leg Blues
I Don't Let the Girls Worry My Mind
The World Is Going Wrong
Left All Alone Again Blues
After You've Gone
It's a Shame to Whip Your Wife on Sunday
Hard Working Woman
Worrying Blues

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  1. I love this blog for the main reasons, it keeps me current with recent DSBDs of bands I love. But I REALLY love this blog because of things like this many weird & random things I'd never think of are posted!! Things like this are great!! Keep 'em coming buddy!!