Friday, May 26, 2017

Blo - Chapters and Phases: The Complete Albums 1973-1975 (2009)

"There’s a charming contemporary newspaper clipping reproduced in the sleevenotes of Chapters & Phases which bears the heading: “Blo: A Date To Blow Your Mind Off”. Whatever disquieting mental image this conjures forth, rest assured that this compilation amply answers your prayers if you’ve been craving a band capable of combining the sticky, lopsided funk of The Meters with the loose cannon edginess of Malcolm Mooney-era Can.
Ostensibly inspired by their tenure in Salt with Ginger Baker, guitarist Berkely Jones and drummer Laolu Akintobi recruited bassist Mike Odumosu and set about casually turning Nigeria on its ear. The Lagos-based Blo made their live debut on 23 December 1972, supporting Osibisa at Lagos City Stadium and, by all accounts, blowing the headliners clean through the back wall with their ballsy, wayward “Afro-delia”."

Chapter One
Time To Face The Sun
We Gonna Have A Party
Chent To Mother Earth
We Are Out Together
Miss Sagitt

Phase II
It's Gonna Be A Good Day
Native Doctor
Do It You'll Like It
Don't Take Her Away From Me
Whole Lot Of Shit

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