Friday, July 7, 2017

Snarky Puppy - 2017-05-17 Le Rocher de Palmer, Cenon, France

Le Rocher de Palmer, 
Cenon, France

1. Flood
2. Semente
3. Gemini
4. Tarova
5. 34 Klezma
6. Whitecap
7. Grown Folks
8. Sleeper

9. Shofukan

Our third time in this beautiful venue over the last few years. Rich low end in the hall. The new lineup is gelling. Flood eases things in with a solo from Justin on Rhodes and Larnell on drums. Semente gets a flugelhorn solo from Maz and a nice, spacey outro. Gemini feels completely different with this incarnation of the band. Bobby takes a Minimoog solo. Tarova is funky. Bullock gets dirty on the solo section and the band leaves him and Larnell to duel it out. Justin brings in 34 Klezma with a rubato intro on Rhodes. Zach goes from pizz to Hendrix on a violin solo over a 6/8 bed from the rhythm section. Whitecap is grooving. Maz takes a solo over the last vamp. After a moment of indecision, the band plays Grown Folks. Bullock brings it all the way down and Bob wraps it up. My favorite part of the night is Bobby’s performance on Sleeper. The encore is Shofukan, with a trumpet solo from Justin and a frenzied percussion and drum duo just before the final melody.

Mp3 [V0] - HERE!

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