Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Dead & Company - 2017-06-10 Folsom Field, Boulder, CO Webcast Rip


1080p .mkv - HERE!


  1. Thanks for everything you do on this site. Mega NZ stops you downloading this as it exceeds a daily quota. I tried Jdownloader. Same isues. Megadownloader is basically stopped by my antivirus software on softpedia. What software can I use. Not being rude but we transfer is what most people use for large files nowadays to avoid these issues. Could you possibly consider wetransfer in the future perhaps? Thanks for any help you could give

    1. MEGA fixed the bug that allowed us unlimited bandwidth. What you can do is start the download with jDownloader and when it stops use a VPN to change your IP address. The download will then continue. Or just wait the several hrs that you have to wait in order to start the download again. I think it's 6 hrs if I'm not mistaken. Just don't turn off your computer or close your browser.

      I won't use we transfer cuz they deleted your files after 7 days and I need my stuff hosted permanently.