Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Snarky Puppy - 2017-05-07 The Lighthouse, Poole, England

The Lighthouse, 
Poole, England

1. Kite
2. Semente
3. Tarova
4. Beep Box
5. Grown Folks
6. Thing of Gold
7. Tio Macaco
8. Ready Wednesday

9. Big Ugly

Last show of the UK run. A beautiful (and acoustically immaculate) little theatre in the south of England with a very mellow listening audience. Nice opportunity for the band to play a more sensitive set dynamically. Kite eases things in to start. Bullock takes a solo on tenor. Bill plays over the outro as drums and bass hint at dub. Bob plays on Semente. Tarova gets funky with Bill moving over to clavinet under Justin’s solo on Minimoog. Things calm down with Beep Box. Bill brings clav into the outro and the groove shifts while Maz solos on trumpet. Grown Folks has solos from bass, tenor (with a healthy dose of effects), and guitar. Justin sings through the Minimoog on Thing of Gold. Maz takes the solo on the bridge. Marcelo opens Tio Macaco with a pandeiro intro. The horns take short turns. Larnell and Marcelo break down for their collective solo, then eventually take it to a New Jack Swing groove. Bill runs Ready Wednesday from top to bottom, taking the solo as well. The band encores with Big Ugly. An unlikely choice for this crowd, but it works. Maz takes the first solo and McQueen kisses the crowd goodnight. Acoustically/sonically, one of the better sounding shows we’ve recorded.

Mp3 [V0] - HERE!

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