Monday, June 5, 2017

Dead & Company - 2017-06-03 Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, CA Webcast Rip


1080p .mkv - HERE!


  1. Hello friend !!, thanks for sharing this, you have the last four webcast (Los Angeles, Phoenix and Las Vegas) Greetings !!!

    1. Hola compa,

      You might be new to my blog so I'll tell ya what I do concerning webcast rips. Although I have been posting alot more webcast rips recently than I have in the past, I will not be posting all that I have and I normally do not do requests.

      I had an issue last year with some webcasts being posted so I stopped posting them completely for sometime. Just remember there is a reason why all webcast rips have been removed from YouTube.

      There is no telling if I will continue posting them or with what regularity but at the moment the water is calm. As soon as I get some push back like I did last year I will stop once again.

  2. Replies
    1. Any dl'ing issues size wise from the link?

    2. MEGA only gives you 5GB download bandwidth per IP address. THis one is more than 6GB. jDownloader use to bypass the limit but from what ppl are saying MEGA fixed that bug so it no longer works.

      You options are:

      1) Start the download and wait the 6hrs until the download starts back up after the waiting period.

      2) Start the d/l with jDownloader, when you hit the limit close jDownloader, and turn on your VPN (This step requires you to have a VPN), then open jDownloader again. It will start downloading again.

      3) Buy a premium account. I don't courage this option unless you have extra $$ ;)

      This might be helpful too:

  3. Thank you so much!!

    The easiest way I found was to:
    -use Chrome,
    -Download until it stops (about 5 gigs),
    -keep browser open,
    -wait until it starts again and finishes..

    Jdownloader is giving problems for me too.

    1. Ya that works too. If you turn of your computer or close your browser you will have to start over.