Sunday, April 23, 2017

Lotus - 2008-12-31 The Fox Theater Boulder, CO

The Fox Theater
Boulder, CO

Killer Show

Set I:
d1t01 Lucid Awakening>
d1t02 Robot Rock*>
d1t03 Lucid Awakening
d1t04 Behind Midwest Storefronts
d1t05 banter
d1t06 Juggernaut
d1t07 banter
d1t08 Sunrain#>
d1t09 Livingston Storm>
d1t10 Mr. Roboto@

Set II:
d2t01 Bellwether>
d2t02 Auld Lang Syne>
d2t03 Bellwether>
d2t04 Sunrain
d2t05 banter
d2t06 I Robot^>
d2t07 Grayrigg
d2t08 It's All Clear to Me Now (w/We Want the Funk tease) >
d2t09 Wax (w/Robot Rock tease)
d3t01 Age of Inexperience>
d3t02 Paranoid Android%>
d3t03 Age of  Inexperience

d3t04 Monochrome
d3t05 Flower Sermon>
d3t06 Shimmer and Out

* first time played, Daft Punk
# with Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots mash-up
@ first time played, Styx, Steve on vocals, Chuck on Drums
^ first time played, Alan Parsons Project
% first time played, Radiohead

Mp3 [V0] - HERE!

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