Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The String Cheese Incident - 2001-07-18 Rockingham Raceway, Rockingham, NC

Rockingham Dragway
Rockingham, NC 

SET 1:
01. Intro (:52)
02. Rollover (21:00)
03. Dirk * (9:48)
04. MLT $ -> Drums $ -> MLT $ (10:55)
05. On The Road (8:25)
06. God Bless The Child $$ (2:49)
07. Chatter (:39)
08. Midnight Moonlight $$ (13:15)

01. Lonesome Fiddle Blues $$$ (14:43)
02. Chatter (1:37)
03. Zombie Jamboree ^ (8:01)

SET 2:
04. Intro Set 2 (1:31)
05. Howard -> (16:27)
06. Dragway Jam -> (5:13)
07. Rhum 'N Zouc (12:35)
08. Let It Go ** (6:55)

01. Hold Whatcha Got (3:47)
02. Rivertrance *** (16:36)
03. Restless Wind (11:50)
04. Best Feeling ^^ (18:03)

05. Chatter (1:35)
06. Sittin' On Top Of The World ^^^ (12:42)

$ with Jose Martinez on percussion
$$ with Drew Emmitt on mandolin and Mark Vann on banjo
$$$ with Drew Emmitt on mandolin, Mark Vann on banjo, and Bill McKay on keyboards
^ with Drew Emmitt on mandolin, Mark Vann on banjo, Bill McKay on keyboards, Jose Martinez on percussion, and Vince Herman on vocals and washboard
^^ with Keller Williams
^^^ with Keller Williams, Drew Emmitt, Mark Vann, Bill McKay, Vince Herman, and someone in a gorilla suit

* with Lonesome Fiddle Blues teases. Song was preceeded by a jam about all the vendors in the area.
** Preceeded by a false start Resume Man
*** Without Nershi until the very end of the tune
- This archive release comes from a pair of mid-week shows at Rockingham Dragway in Rockingham NC during the Summer Tour 2001. The two-day festival featured The Del McCoury Band, Leftover Salmon, Keller Williams, Acoustic Syndicate, and Junior Brown. The Rockingham shows have always been among my favorites from the 2001 summer tour, and we're excited to release these shows, as we KNOW you'll enjoy them!

Mp3 [V0] - HERE!


  1. It is no mistake why this show is the most reviewed on Friends of Cheese site. I took my Famiy (wife, 11 & 8yo). This was the second concert there,Metalica being the first. They actually reduced their security once they realize we were harmless Hippies. Lots of diehard Colorado folks, great laid back hassell free lot. we TOOK OUR BLANKET AND CHAIRS RIGHT UP TO ABOUT 50' FROM STAGE. MY CHILDREN DANCED WITH THE hula hoopers and the band mingled throughout the crowd during Kellers set. Travis practiced on a drum pad next to the board. I met Nershi and thanked him for their wonderful vibe.You can tell right from the onset there was something special happening, the music was awesome building up a frenzy of energy.As the show progressed so did the Crowd/Band energy,it has been the closet vibe to a Dead Show for us. It was sick! The gorillas and dancing bears were the toppers for sure. Hot more ways than the temps:), they had a misting tent and a carnival atmosphere of vendors, I cannot recall any negativity, Peace!