Thursday, April 13, 2017

Picking On Ween - 2017-02-25 Caribou Room, Nederland, CO

The Caribou Room
Nederland, CO

Recording: SBD> Tascam DR-680 @ 24/96
Processing: SD card> Mac Mini> Audacity> xACT> FLAC
Recorded and processed by Cobiwan of DiGiHoArDeRs

01. What Deaner Was Talking About
02. I Saw Geener Crying In His Sleep
03. Mr. Richard Smoker
04. The Mollusk
05. Even If You Don’t
06. Spinal Meningitis
07. Waving My Dick In the Wind
08. Ocean Man
09. Voodoo Lady
10. Take Me Away
11. Piss Up a Rope
12. Candy Fackler
13. Roses Are Free

Mp3 [V0] - HERE!

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