Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The String Cheese Incident - Believe (2017)

1. Believe
2. Sweet Spot
3. My One and Only
4. Down a River
5. Get Tight
6. Stop Drop Roll
7. Flying
8. So Much Fun
9. Beautiful

FLAC (Torrent) - HERE!
Mp3 [V0] - HERE!
Please Seed The Torrents As Long As You Can. Please Don't Just Hit & Run.


  1. Thank you for the fresh studio cheese!

  2. Hey Jooge, thanks for sharing all these links! Did you get your hands on the bonus download that came with this album release? It was a 1999 cheese show, I believe.

    1. I think I do have it. What is the date exactly of the show?

      On a side note, great name Doodles. I my friends & I were the only ones that ever used that. Haha

  3. Hey there, it was 10-30-99 Colgate College in Hamilton, NY. It was a free download if you pre-ordered Believe, previously uncirculated.

    By the way, the variety of stuff you put on here is incredible. Thanks for introducing me to tons of good stuff, especially in the African Funk roots genres.